Collection Story

Spring Summer 2021

Klara is a company that honors “lost crafts…the handmade, the painstaking, the patient. It ties in perfectly to contemporary ideas about slow-movements, about returning to pre-internet and pre-machine days when things took more time, when we valued individual artistic endeavor just for the sake of beauty not money. It's an homage to a way of life that fashion has grown from, a way of life where the quest wasn't to own more, but to own a piece of genius." Fall in love with Klara’s timeless look! (quote from Natasha Lester)
Our newest collection for spring 2021 is a tribute to late 19th century Impressionism. Impressionism is an artistic style that was characterized by vibrant colors, short “broken” brush strokes and an emphasis on the play of light and its changing qualities. This new medium ushered in a unique style of immediacy and movement thus capturing both candid poses and compositions that used the play of light and expressed itself in a bright and varied use of color. Think Monet, Renoir or Degas, the superstars of plein-air paintings. Klara’s Impression Collection is a testimony to what was new, raw and exciting about this era. We recreated the overall visual effect, by using post-it-notes to mimic a layered, short brush stroke pattern, as a backdrop. Using lighting to enhance the vibrancy of the clothing colors, we posed our models to create movement and capture the essence of the era. We have frozen a fleeting moment in time and preserve the energy of the era in our designs. This collection will make you feel like a masterpiece.