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Our Story

Every brand has a story. Our story is through fabric. 

You see, every garment that you buy was once a roll of fabric. That fabric came from an animal, a plant, or lately something synthetic. They all have an origin story and a process that brought them into your wardrobe today. Our story is a process as well. It is a multifaceted story, through decades and through generations. 

Take cotton for example. It is the most commonly used natural fiber. The crop needs to be planted and harvested appropriately then brought to the ginning machine where the cotton balls are turned into fiber. They then spin the fibers into yarn and weave them together in different ways in order to create different textures, weights and faces to a given fabric. From there the fabric can be sold and turned into clothing. 

My grandmother Klara was a Holocaust survivor who came to the USA in the 1950's. Not speaking a word of English, she took a position in DTLA where she worked behind a sewing machine for the next 50 years. 

I grew up watching my grandmother turn brown paper bags into patterns for homemade clothing, and sew them on her vintage Singer machine. I inherited my grandmother's love of old-world fashion with class and bold style. It wasn't long before I followed suit and began designing and making my own clothes. When she saw my aptitude, she promised to leave me her sewing machine and fabric so I could carry on in her footsteps. 

Her origin story, her survival and new beginning are the seeds of the cotton that needed to be harvested and picked during the proper season. Her years of work as a seamstress and sharing her abilities were the cotton gin and the years in between where she made all of us clothing, raised a family and passed on the talents and stories, are the threads of yarn being woven into different fabrics. 

Only now, have we taken the next step in this process by taking her fabric, both figuratively and literally, to the next level. We have started this clothing line in her name because of her legacy and the process she set in motion. 

We are hoping to bring a new meaning of fabric and clothing to our customers, and appreciation for the process behind each and every piece. Some more unique than others, but each completely one of a kind and tasteful in their own way. We hope you enjoy being a part of this process and bring a bit of Klara home with you.