Fall Collection Story

For Fall 2020, Klara is inspired by textures, colors and patterns from famous mid century masterpieces. The geometric shapes in Joseph Albers' art and the textures in paintings by Mark Rothko, have helped influence the designs in this new collection. Klara's Fall designs are both a love affair and a tribute to classic 60's couture and progressive artwork. This season's focus is on how the fabrics mimic the paint brush strokes on the canvas, by incorporating suedes, ribbing and crepes, while the color palette is a tribute to the popular mid-century styles. It is not only stylish and chis but it is classic and comfortable, making sure to cater to the modern every day woman. Not only is Klara inspired by the past, but it is also a process of recreating patterns once used by the woman whose legacy this clothing line takes on. Klara is a line names after a woman who survived the Holocaust as a seamstress and brought her skills to America, rebuilding her life stitch by stitch. Just like her, the patterns in this collections were made using brown paper bags, or kraft paper, the same as was once done almost 50 years ago. This is a tribute to her, following her footsteps in American made clothing. By women, for the modern woman.